Tuesday, July 19, 2005

im posting again

Total time I spent in surgery was about 9 hours start to finish. The only thing I remember was being wheeled from the prep area to the OR and asking them to take some pictures once they cracked me open. I mean how often do you really get to see your own spine through some media other then X-Ray?

In the prep room we did all the final prep for the surgery including signing a power of attorney should something go wrong and I would be unable to make my own decisions. They discussed the possibilities of complications from the surgery and the anesthesia (including death). Well it all may sound morbid they are issues that anyone having major surgery should consider.

When they finished throwing paperwork at Allie Naughty they started to put in the IV and EKG monitor leads. They also screwed little electric leads into my head and feet. I remember asking them what they were for and I think the answer was so they could see what nerves they were working on. After they finished I was wheeled into the OR.

The OR was the cleanest room I have ever been in. I remember seeing all the foam padding on the table and can only figure they used it to stabilize me into the position they would need. I also remember seeing the Makita drill boxes on the table and laughing to myself, after that I was out like a light.

I woke up in recovery shivering and shaking from coming out from under the anesthesia. They said that was a normal effect and then the warmest blanket I have ever had was put on me. They keep blankets in the warmer as the OR and Recovery rooms are kept Lightspeed jordan very cold to hamper infectious organisms.

I remember my family coming in to see me but I was back out after that. I woke the next day in the ICU scratching the hell out of myself. Turns out that some people do not tolerate morphine well and the side effect is feeling itchy.

The rest of my stay in the hospital was about 5 day in the regular neuro ward doped up and watching the war on TV (my surgery was right after the war kicked off in Iraq). I do remember the nice nurse who helped me roll over and then packed a ton of ice on my back to keep the swelling down.

Anyway, just some memories from my surgery and hospital stay.